Sentence Examples

  • Another entry in the terrific Chrono Avenger line, the Breitling Chrono Avenger M1 262 offers excellent Chronograph and calendar features.
  • Some Vodafone affiliates include M1 (Singapore), Celcom (Malaysia), China Mobile (China), and AirTel (India).
  • As the loads move over the girder, the points C, D, E describe the parabolas M1, M2, M3 i the middle ordinates of which are 4W 1 1, 4W 2 1, and 4W3l.
  • Taking P 1 =o to have 3 1 nodes and K 1 cusps, and therefore its class n 1 to be=m 1 2 - m 1 25 1 -3K,, the expression for the number of tangents to the penultimate curve is = (a1 2 - a,) m1 2 + (a2 2 - a2)m2 2 +
  • If two masses m1, nil moving in the same straight line impinge, with the result that the velocities are changed from u1, u2, to ui, ui, then, since the impulses on the two bodies must be equal and opposite, the total momentum is unchanged, i.e.