Sentence Examples

  • Helmfeld routed a Danish division, was the first gleam of good luck, and on the 4th of December, on the tableland of Helgonaback, near Lund, the young Swedish monarch defeated Christian V.
  • The battle of Lund was, relatively to the number engaged, one of the bloodiest engagements of modern times.
  • Lund (1827-1830, and 1830 to 1880, the year of his death), George Gardner (1836-1841), A.
  • One of the most noteworthy Scandinavian periodicals has been the Nordisk Universitets Tidsskrift (1854-1864), a bond of union between the universities of Christiania, Upsala, Lund and Copenhagen.
  • See Lund (Troels), Danmarks og Norges Historie i Slutningen of det X VI.