Sentence Examples

  • To Berthier, Ludwigsburg, 16th April).
  • The vicissitudes of his profession entailed a constant change of residence; but at Lorch and at Ludwigsburg, where the family was settled for longer periods, the child was able to receive a regular education.
  • In 1773 the duke Karl Eugen of Wurttemberg claimed young S chiller as a pupil of his military school at the "Solitude" near Ludwigsburg, where, instead of his chosen subject of study, theology, he was obliged to devote himself to law.
  • There are prisons for females at Heilbronn, and for males at Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart; in Wurttemberg itself the regime is collective.
  • STRAUSS, DAVID FRIEDRICH (1808-1874), German theologian and man of letters, was born at Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart, on the 27th of January 1808.

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