Sentence Examples

  • (From Lubbock, after Allman.) by the founder proceeds to grow and to bud in the same way as the founder did, producing a side branch of the main stem.
  • Lubbock), The Scenery of Switzerland (London, 1896) and The Scenery of England (London, 1902).
  • Lubbock (Lord Avebury) states that the common British yellow ants (Lasius flavus) collect flocks of root-feeding aphids in their underground nests, protect them, build earthen shelters over them, and take the greatest care of their eggs.
  • Lubbock (Lord Avebury) on these subjects are familiar to all naturalists.
  • Lubbock goes so far as to conclude the account of his experiments with the remark that " It is difficult altogether to deny them the gift of reason ...