Sentence Examples

  • A new law, passed by both houses and confirmed by the emperor, took from the executive all power over journals, except in cases of lse majest, and nothing now remains of the former arbitrary system except that any periodical having a political complexion is required to deposit security varying from 175 to 1000 yen.
  • Prosecutions for lse-majest~ became commoner than they were in former reigns, and the difficulty was much felt in the conduct of parliamentary debate.
  • It was not clear that their action was deliberate, but none the less the chancellor himself came down to ask from the House permission to bring a charge of lse-majest against them, a request which was, of course, almost unanimously refused.
  • This was a prosecution of nine German subjects for sedition, conspiracy and lse-majest against the Russian emperor, and for the circulation of books and pamphlets attacking him and his government.
  • In 1301 and 1302 the arrest of Bernard Saisset, bishop of Pamiers, by the officers of the king, and the citation of this cleric before the kings tribunal for the crime of lse-majest, revived the conflict and led Boniface to send an order to free Saisset, and to put forward a claim to reform the kingdom under the threat of excommunication.