Sentence Examples

  • However, following a low-voltage shock, parents should consult their healthcare provider if the child has any noticeable burn to the skin, any numbness, tingling, or vision, hearing, or speech problems, no matter how mild.
  • One thing to keep in mind when choosing between the two is that a single low-voltage system can only support up to 300 total watts of light if the system is a 12-volt system (600 total watts for 24-volt systems).
  • A limitation to installing monorail designer track lighting is their low voltage and the need for a separate transformer in order to switch standard power into a low-voltage current.
  • The low-voltage lights are perfect for task lighting and accent lighting; however, they should be used along with other types of lighting to achieve balanced lighting in the room.
  • Choose from low-voltage, direct-wire, or wireless solar lighting solutions, and don't forget to audition lighting types to find the one that works best for your application.