Sentence Examples

  • Heat treatment (also called annealing) may also be used on low-quality gems: the stones are exposed to high temperatures until graphite residue appears in the crystal, giving it a gray or black tint.
  • Buying quality panties saves money over time and provides the best return on wardrobe dollars because ill-fitting, low-quality underpants lose their elasticity quickly due to repeated washings.
  • There is an entire industry built around putting low-quality clip art on sites with page after page of ads that you have to click through in order to find anything even remotely good.
  • The sites, admittedly, can be hit-or-miss; many are simply banner farms with a few low-quality images that no one would use combined with key words that lure in unsuspecting viewers.
  • There are also many sites that just feature low-quality clip art (the kind that comes with many popular word processing programs) on the web, embedded among many advertisements.