Sentence Examples

  • Oberlin published several manuals on archaeology and ancient geography, and made frequent excursions into different provinces of France to investigate antiquarian remains and study provincial dialects, the result appearing in Essai sur le patois Lorrain (1775); Dissertations sur les Minnesingers (1782-1789); and Observations concernant le patois et les mceurs des gens de la campagne (1791).
  • The second princess had just come from the sickroom with her eyes red from weeping and sat down beside Dr. Lorrain, who was sitting in a graceful pose under a portrait of Catherine, leaning his elbow on a table.
  • "Do you think he can last till morning?" asked the German, addressing Lorrain in French which he pronounced badly.
  • Lorrain, pursing up his lips, waved a severely negative finger before his nose.
  • Prince Vasili said something to Lorrain in passing and went through the door on tiptoe.