Sentence Examples

  • The cruises are slated to depart from Barcelona and will include calls in Italy (Livorno and Civitavecchia), Spain and Naples.
  • At that time, the ship's Grand Mediterranean itinerary took the ship to Venice, Naples and Livorno.
  • In such cases, however, the correct native form should be added within brackets, as Florence (Firenze), Leghorn (Livorno), Cologne (Coln) and so on.
  • Ferdinand was one of the first sovereigns to enter into diplomatic relations with the French republic (1793); and although, a few months later, he was compelled by England and Russia to join the coalition against France, he concluded peace with that power in 1795, and by observing a strict neutrality saved his dominions from invasion by the French, except for a temporary occupation of Livorno, till 1799, when he was compelled to vacate his throne, and a provisional Republican government was established at Florence.
  • Solari, Ricerche Spartane (Livorno, 1907), 1-58; G.