Sentence Examples

  • The increase took place chiefly in the large cities, in Siberia, Poland, Lithuania, S.
  • See Jozef Ignacz Kraszewski, Lithuania under Witowt (Pol.) (Wilna, 1850); Augustin Theiner, Vetera Monumenta Poloniae (Rome, 1860-1864); Karol Szajnocha, Jadwiga and Jagiello (Pol.) (Lemberg, 1850-1856); Teodor Narbutt, History of the Lithuanian Nation (Pol.) (Wilna, 1835-1836); Codex epistolaris Witoldi Magni (ed.
  • From ravaging Lithuania with the Tatars.
  • I've also tried to move East Prussian cities that are now in Russia or Lithuania, but I'm not sure I found them all.
  • In 1786 he was appointed referendarius of Lithuania, and during the Four Years' Diet (1788-1792) displayed an amazing and many-sided activity as one of the reformers of the constitution.