Sentence Examples

  • With multiple features including a LINUX platform, the ability to handle 7 wireless Bluetooth controllers, backward capability, ports to support 2 HD TVs and a possibility of region-free games, the PS3 seems almost too good to be true.
  • The newer version, which is available for both Linux and Mac, overcomes some of the hardware limitations that gamers faced in the mid-90s, expanding the game to allow for more vehicles, more variability, and more options.
  • You can install a different operating system on a netbook or dual boot them, so if you are Linux user, it may be hard to find one with a proprietary Linux installed on the computer, but you'll be able to swap the OS out.
  • The same can probably be said about a number of other popular platforms, including Microsoft Windows Mobile, Palm Garnet OS (on the Palm Centro), Symbian OS (found on a number of Nokia smartphones, and Linux.
  • If you're not likely to be writing technical documentation involving Linux products, then attending conferences featuring seminars on Linux material is not likely the right choice for you.