Sentence Examples

  • Since the focus is on business, even the simple updates can become lucrative, though, and that's why Chris Brogan, a social media expert, recommends the status update as the number one tool to making LinkedIn work for you.
  • While other social sites allow users to become friends or followers, LinkedIn allows you to make contacts with professionals in the same field, or to be introduced by mutual friends to someone you might want to work with.
  • Instead of a simple one-click "like" button, you are expected to write "recommendations" that seriously talk about the contributions that your connected friends have made, which are added to the vast LinkedIn database.
  • Once you join LinkedIn, you are asked to create a professional profile that gives a summary of your skills, business accomplishments, the companies you have worked for and the schools you have attended.
  • Link Blogs and Slideshare: While Twitter is a bit too lighthearted for LinkedIn, a slideshow used in a presentation can be a great way for your connections to gain value from your presence on the site.