Sentence Examples

  • Limewire, a popular P2P file sharing network, is being sued for millions by record labels who charge that Limewire's executives are committing copyright infringement by providing the software which allows people to swap songs online.
  • The stance taken by networks like Limewire is that they are not responsible for what people do with their service - they simply provide a network that some people use to trade in accordance with copyright laws and some people don't.
  • From there, you will have the option of highlighting and deleting the file from your search engine (some keep their results history empty as a means to avoid potential lawsuits) or saving the file in your LimeWire library.
  • Thanks to the latest Limewire version and the Mac operating system addition, however, Apple computer users can not only get a P2P network, but they can log into a P2P system that might just be the best one in the world.
  • However, because LimeWire is used by over 1 million people daily, is plugged into the Gnutella network, and functions on all operating system, unlike other P2Ps, its variety of files available to download is unrivaled.

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