Sentence Examples

  • Rubens, Picasso, Titian, Renoir, Lichtenstein, and Warhol have all had pieces featured in one or more of the amazing exhibits created at the Las Vegas Guggenheim.
  • The French horsemen, gallantly led, drove off the guns, rode round Hohenzollern's infantry squares, and routed the cavalry of Lichtenstein, but they were unable to do more, and in the end they retired to their old position.
  • In Les Mceurs de la phylloxera de la vigne (1877); Dreyfus, Uber Phylloxerinen (1889); Lichtenstein, Histoire du phylloxera; the Rapports annuels a la commission superieure du phylloxera; and the excellent Report on Phylloxera drawn up by the Hon.
  • Lichtenstein has established the fact that from the egg of the Aphis of Pistachio galls, Anopleura lentisci, is hatched an apterous insect (the gall-founder), which gives birth to young Aphides (emigrants), and that these, having acquired wings, fly to the roots of certain grasses (Bromus sterilis and Hordeum vulgare), and by budding underground give rise to several generations of apterous insects, whence finally comes a winged brood (the pupifera).
  • Lichtenstein (1877); La Tavola ritonda, ed.