Sentence Examples

  • The pair is joined by Dan Fitzgerald (Brett Tucker), Karl and Susan's daughter and Dan's husband, Elizabeth "Libby" Kennedy/Fitzgerald (Kym Valentine), Libby's son Ben (Blake O'Leary) also live at Number 30.
  • Later versions were improved by Dan Libby with elements of Dave Winer's scriptingNews formats.
  • Libby also renamed it "Rich Site Syndication."
  • Libby, Geographical Distribution of the Vote.
  • They brought to the support of that instrument "the areas of intercourse and wealth" (Libby), the influence of the commercial towns, the greater planters, the army officers, creditors and property-holders generally, - in short, of interests that had felt the evils of the weak government of the Confederation, - and alsc of some few true nationalists (few, because there was as yet no general national feeling), actuated by political principles of centralization independently of motives of expediency and self-interest.