Sentence Examples

  • His name was Lha-tho thori gnyan-tsan, otherwise Gnyan-tsan of Lha-tho thori, according to the custom usual in Tibet of calling great personages after the name of their birthplace.
  • Lha-tho means " heaps of stones," and therefore appears to be a translation of Tsih-shih, " heapy stones," the country mentioned in connexion with the foundation of a state by Fanni Tu-bat.
  • The reign of his illustrious son, Srong tsan gam-po, opened up a new era; he introduced Buddhism and the art of writing from India, and was the founder (in 639) of Lha-ldan, afterwards Lha-sa.
  • In the case of the triangle, for instance, b is zero, so that the area is lha.

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