Sentence Examples

  • At Valentia and Lerida there were serious conflicts.
  • In other parts of Spain, Augereau had taken Hostalrich (May to); captured Lerida (May 14); Mequinenza (June 8); and invested Tortosa (Dec. 15).
  • 7); the French posts of Lerida, Mequinenza and Monzon had also been yielded up, and Suchet, on the 2nd of March, had crossed the Pyrenees into France.
  • A full account of the physical features, and of the modern development of commerce, communications, &c., in this area is given in the articles on the four provinces Barcelona, Gerona, Lerida and Tarragona, into which Catalonia was divided in 1833.
  • He reached Ilerda (Lerida) on the 23rd of June and, after extricating his army from a perilous situation, outmanoeuvred Pompey's lieutenants and received their submission on the 2nd of August.