Sentence Examples

  • LEPANTO,' BATTLE OF, fought on the 7th of October 1571.
  • Of Spain, who was peculiarly interested in checking the Turks 1 For Lepanto see Naupactus.
  • The battle of Lepanto was of immense political importance.
  • Stirling Maxwell, Don John of Austria (1883); and Jurien de la Graviere, La Guerre de Chypre la bataille de Lepanto (1888).
  • Of free commonwealths there now survived only Venice, which, together with Spain, achieved for Europe the victory of Lepanto in 1573; Genoa, which, after the ineffectual Fieschi revolution in 1547, abode beneath the rule of the great Doria family, and held a feeble sway in Corsica; and the two insignificant republics of Lucca and San Marino.