Sentence Examples

  • Foscolo and Leopardi, or a passion.
  • Passing over the Italian Leopardi we may notice two leading modern pessimists, Schopenhauer and von Hartmann.
  • The Venetians, however, called in Alessandro Leopardi, who cast the great equestrian group and added the pure and graceful pedestal.
  • These place him in the sacred circle near to Heine and Leopardi, and, though strongly individualistic, it is curious to note in them the influence of Germanism on the mind of a southerner and a descendant of the Catholic navigators of the 16th century.
  • Among editions of the Canzoniere special mention may be made of those of Marsand (Padua, 1820), Leopardi in Le Monnier's collection, Mestica (1895), and Cardnui (1899).