Sentence Examples

  • The sight of pregnant Lego Padme is bizarre and hilarious, and the few beheadings and torso-severings will either have you chuckling with glee or pondering if Lego-on-Lego violence can indeed be disturbing (the answer is no).
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga: Combining two of the most treasured franchises in gaming and toy history, this game walks you through a great intergalactic story filled with plenty of action and puzzles to enjoy.
  • With a rotating chair for Admiral Ackbar, a repair station for the A-Wing fighter, and projection-monitors for the Death Star II, LEGO made certain to develop a set that fans of all ages can appreciate.
  • The action spans Episodes I-III as you guide your bricked-out hero through some of the movies' most memorable action scenes, leaving a wake of scattered Lego bricks as a testament to your Jedi powers.
  • Lego Online Games: offers mazes, coloring pages, racing games, puzzles, bingo, matching, and a variety of Lego village games such as Legoville Family Helper, Weather Chart, and Fire Station.