Sentence Examples

  • He afterwards spent a year in Geneva, and was powerfully influenced by the strict moral life and rigid ecclesiastical discipline prevalent there, and also by the preaching and the piety of the Waldensian professor, Antoine Leger, and the converted Jesuit preacher, Jean de Labadie.
  • Leger, La Save, le Danube et le Balkan (Paris, 1884); Bressnitz von Sydacoff, Die panslavistische Agitation (Berlin, 1899); Bertrand Auerbach, Les Races et les nationalites en Autriche-Hongrie (Paris, 1898).
  • Brumpt (5a), Leger (32, 33), Keysselitz (16), Prowazek (47), Minchin (41b) and others - has undoubtedly shown that much of Schaudinn's scheme of the life-history of a Trypanosome is well-founded.
  • Their worship was prohibited, and their chief pastor, Leger, was obliged to flee, and in his exile at Leiden wrote his Histoire generale des eglises vaudoises (1684).
  • The St Leger takes its name from Lieut.-General St Leger, who originated the race in 1776; but it was not so named till 1778.