Sentence Examples

  • Such was the case with Ring Lardner, Jr. who was annoyed and appalled by Robert Altman's cinematic interpretation of his script, a dark comedy about American servicemen during the Korean War.
  • Of his teachers, one, the Rev. Charles Wellbeloved, was, Martineau said, " a master of the true Lardner type, candid and catholic, simple and thorough, humanly fond indeed of the counsels of peace, but piously serving every bidding of sacred truth."
  • Herndon (1813-1857) and Lardner Gibbon also occurred during his term.
  • The accounts of Mosheim, Lardner, Walch and Schrockh, as well as the monograph by Trechsel, Ueber Kanon, Kritik and Exegese der Manichder (1832), may also be mentioned as still useful.
  • As authorities for the life, the most valuable are the ecclesiastical histories of Socrates, Sozomen and Theodoret; and amongst the moderns, Erasmus, Cave, Lardner and Tillemont, with the church history of Neander, and his monograph on the Life and Times of Chrysostom, translated by J.