Sentence Examples

  • In the northern mountains the ptarmigan is common, and like other creatures assumes a white winter dress; ducks and other water-fowl frequent the lakes; the golden eagle, certain buzzards and owls are found, and among smaller birds the Lappland bunting (Plectrophanes laponicus) may be mentioned.
  • LAPLAND, or Lappland, a name used to indicate the region of northern Europe inhabited by the Lapps, though not applied to any administrative district.
  • Von Diiben, Om Lappland och Lapparne (Stockholm, 1873), with list of over 200 authorities; C. Rabot, "La Laponie suedoise d'apres les recentes explorations de MM.
  • Passarge, Fahrten in Schweden, besonders in Nordschweden and Lappland (Berlin, 1897); Bayard Taylor, Northern Travel (London, 1858); E.

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