Sentence Examples

  • The trip also includes daylong stops in the city of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii, the whaling village of Lahaina of the island of Maui, the state capital, Honolulu, and the culturally diverse island of Kauai.
  • According to Sunglasses Internationale, these sunglasses were given their name in honor of the whalers and the whaling period in Lahaina, Hawaii, which spanned the period of time from 1825 to 1860.
  • If you are on the island of Maui, you may want to check out other dinner cruises run by this same company on their ship called The Spirit of Lahaina.
  • Cruise ships that visit Maui typically depart from Honolulu and arrive at either Kahului or Lahaina (Maui's primary cruise ship docks) in mid-voyage.
  • Cruisers will be able to tour Hilo, Honolulu and Lahaina during the two-month long voyage across the Pacific Ocean.