Sentence Examples

  • At three o'clock in the afternoon, Dahlberg leading the way, the army reached Grimsted in Laaland without losing a man.
  • In 1347 the remainder of Zealand was redeemed, and the southern isles, Laaland, Falster and Mon, also fell into the king's strenuous hands.
  • NAKSKOV, a seaport of Denmark, in the amt (county) of Maribo, on a wide bay of the Laalands belt at the west end of the island of Laaland, 31 m.
  • From NykjObing a bridge nearly one-third of a mile long crosses to Laaland, at the west of which is the port of Nakskov; the other towns are the county town of Maribo with its fine church of the 14th century, SaxkjObing and ROdby.
  • (2) Covering the islands of Laaland and Falster, Maribo.