Sentence Examples

  • Honk your horn with L3, or even better, bribe the police chief, steal a police car, and turn on the siren with L3.
  • While playing, hold the L3 button and press Circle, Circle, Square, Square, X, Triangle, then Triangle.
  • The exact fulfilment of this condition requires the solution of a transcendental equation; but it may be fulfilled with accuracy sufficient for practical purposes by using, instead of (32 B) the following approximate equation: L nearly = 2C +ir(ri +ri) + (Ti rz)2/c. (~l3)
  • To Kolliker,ll Gegenbaur, 12 and more recently Spenger, l3 amongst German anatomists, we are indebted for epoch-making researches of the same kind.
  • L i =objective, L2 L3 = eyepiece of the Ramsden type.

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