Sentence Examples

  • Of the numerous books on the Russian revolutionary movement, besides those of " Stepniak," Kropotkin, and other revolutionary writers, the following may be mentioned: C. A.
  • Kropotkin, in Mem.
  • Fraser, The Real Siberia (London, 1902); P. Kropotkin, Orographie de la Siberie (Brussels, 1904); P. Leroy-Beaulieu, La Renovation de l'Asie centrale (Paris, 1900); J.
  • PETER ALEXEIVICH KROPOTKIN, Prince (1842-), Russian geographer, author and revolutionary, was born at Moscow in 1842.
  • His father, Prince Alexei Petrovich Kropotkin, belonged to the old Russian nobility; his mother, the daughter of a general in the Russian army, had remarkable literary and liberal tastes.