Sentence Examples

  • Hann, with Messrs Warner, Tate and Taylor, in 1873, related to the country north of the Kirchner range, watered by the Lynd, the Mitchell, the Walsh and the Palmer rivers, on the east side of the Gulf of Carpentaria.
  • It was not till De Bary (1866) made known the true nature of parasitic Fungi, based on his researches between 1853-1863, that the vast domain of epidemic diseases of plants was opened up to fruitful investigation, and such modern treatises as those of Frank (1880 and L895), Sorauer (1886), Kirchner (1890), were gradually made possible.
  • Kirchner, " Schizophyceae," in Engler and Prantl's Pflanzenfamilien (Leipzig, 1900).
  • Kirchner, L'Extradition, Recueil, &c. (London, 1883).