Sentence Examples

  • The first house of the Brethren was founded at Deventer by Gerhard Groot and his youthful friend Florentius Radewyn; and here Thomas a Kempis received his training.
  • There is no sign that Tauler, for example, or Ruysbroeck, or Thomas a Kempis had felt the dogmatic teaching of the Church jar in any single point upon their religious consciousness.
  • He was an ardent student of Tauler and Thomas a Kempis, and became an adherent of the quietistic doctrines of Mme Bourignon.
  • Kempis, at that time canon of the convent of St Agnes at Zwolle.
  • The chief authorities are Thomas a Kempis, Lives of Groot and his Disciples and Chronicle of Mount St Agnes (both works translated by J.