Sentence Examples

  • KARLSTAD [CARLSTAD], a town of Sweden, the capital of the district (/an) of Vermland, on the island of Tingvalla under the northern shore of Lake Vener, 205 m.
  • Karlstad was founded in 1584.
  • Under the constitution of united Sweden and Norway, in the event of the necessity of electing a Regent and the disagreement of the parliaments of the two countries, Karlstad was indicated as the meeting-place of a delegacy for the purpose.
  • A number of criticisms on Strindberg from eminent hands are collected in En bok om Strindberg (Karlstad, 1894).
  • The great mechanical works are found at or near Malmo, Stockholm, JOnkoping, Trollhattan, Motala on Lake Vetter, Lund, Gothenburg, Karlstad, Falun and Eskilstuna, which is especially noted for its cutlery.

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