Sentence Examples

  • The value of such protective inoculations is demonstrated in the treatment against small-pox (Jenner), cholera, plague (Haffkine) and typhoid (Wright and Semple).
  • More important in their results than any of these works were the discoveries of Edward Jenner, respecting the prevention of small-pox by vaccination, in which he superseded the partially useful but dangerous practice of inoculation, which.
  • They are sufficiently evidenced by the fact that Edward Jenner and Matthew Baillie were his pupils.
  • P. Stewart (1813-1883), William Jenner, William Budd (1811-1880), Charles Murchison (1830-1879), J.
  • In the forefront of the new movement are to be found men like Yoneharu Unkai and Shinkai Taketaro; the former chiselled a figure of Jenner for the Medical Association of Japan when they celebrated the centenary of the great physician, and the latter has carved life-size effigies of two Imperial princes who lost their lives in the war with China (1894 95).