Sentence Examples

  • With the deaths of Pompey's wife Julia (54) and 'of Crassus (J3) the relations between him and Caesar became strained, and soon afterwards he drew closer to what we may call the old conservative party in the senate and aristocracy.
  • It is easily inferred as a limiting case, or proved directly, that two infini tesimal rotations a, j3 about c u parallel axes are equivalent to a ..._ -- - -
  • Ots(mlllsmtA2sm�3s...), j1 !j2 j3...
  • The average temperatures at Petropavlovsk (J3° N.) are: year 37° F., January 17°, July 58°; while in the valley of the Kamchatka the average temperature of the winter is 16°, and of the summer as high as 58° and 64°.
  • J3, 4, &c.), and divisions of rank in it are still indicated by the terms agema and royal squadron (1 3ac Xucm) inn, see Bevan, House of Seleucus, ii.