Ivr Definition

Interaction between a human and a computer in which the human caller inputs commands and requests to the computer, which responds in either pre-recorded or synthesized speech form.The human input can be the form of spoken words or as tones sent via the telephone keypad. If the input is speech, IVR is much like having a frustrating conversation with a dimwitted and highly inflexible human call center agent. In a database access application, a voice processing system with IVR capability is positioned as a front end to a general-purpose computer and multiple databases.Through speech recognition technology, and text-to-speech (TTS) capability, and perhaps voice print matching for security, a complete transaction can be accomplished on a voice basis without human involvement&except for the caller, of course. Reservations centers and financial institutions make heavy use of such capabilities in support of routine transactions, thereby reducing staffing levels and providing customer service on a 24
Webster's New World Telecom