Sentence Examples

  • (6) The Khirgiz, whose true abodes were in Asia, in the Ishim and Khirgiz steppe.
  • Those of Nizhniy-Novgorod, with a return of 20 millions sterling, of Irbit and Kharkov, of Menzelinsk in Ufa, and Omsk and Ishim in Siberia, have considerable importance both for trade and for home manufactures.
  • The flora of Minusinsk - the Italy of Siberia - is well known; the prairies on the Ishim and of the Baraba steppe are adorned with the same rich 'vegetation, so graphically described by Middendorff and O.
  • The chief grain-producing regions of Siberia are - the Tobol and Ishim region, the Baraba, the region about Tomsk and the outskirts of the Altai.
  • ISHIM, a town of West Siberia, in the government of Tobolsk, 180 m.