Sentence Examples

  • ISERE Grenoble - -, -
  • By Isere, and E.
  • Romans stands on an eminence on the right bank of the Isere, a fine stone result will be the inclusion of all Israel in the heritage of the messianic kingdom of Christ.
  • He returned to France in 1801, and in the following year he was nominated prefect of Isere, and was created baron and chevalier of the Legion of Honour.
  • The Societe Electrometallurgique Francaise, started under the direction of Heroult in 1888 for the production of aluminium in France, began operations on a small scale at Froges in Isere; but soon after large works were erected in Savoy at La Praz, near Modane, and in 1905 another large factory was started in Savoy at St Michel.

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