Sentence Examples

  • Other notable upgrades that accompanied the iPhone 3GS were improved tethering support, 7.2Mbps HSDPA high-speed wireless data, greener materials, a compass application, voice control, Nike+ support, and significantly improved battery life.
  • Despite all the positive press than the Apple iPhone has received in mainstream media, there is a growing contingent in the blogosphere who are pointing out problems that they have had with the iPhone or features that they feel are lacking.
  • Targeting the same market as the Apple iPhone, the Verizon Voyager cell phone looks like it's going to be an attractive mobile phone that will get fashionistas and tech geeks alike to swoon over its svelte appearance and alluring features.
  • MultiSnooze: Available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad via the iTunes App Store, this $0.99 app allows you to set the snooze time for anywhere between one and 20 minutes, plus has the ability to set thousands of different alarm events.
  • Without going into the technical details, a capacitive touchscreen is like the one that you'd find on an iPhone; it's meant to be "finger friendly." However, this means that the touchscreen won't react to a stylus.