Sentence Examples

  • EINBECK, or Em2BECK, a town of Germany, in the Prussian province of Hanover, on the Ilm, 50 m.
  • It is situated in a fertile valley on the Ilm, a small tributary of the Saale, 50 m.
  • Just outside the borders of the park, beyond the Ilm, is the "garden house," a simple wooden cottage with a high-pitched roof, in which Goethe used to pass the greater part of the summer.
  • In 1896 the Goethe-Schiller Archiv, an imposing building on the wooded height above the Ilm, containing MSS.
  • To the north-east, at about the same distance from the town, are the tiny château and park of Tiefurt, on the banks of the Ilm, the scene of many pastoral court revels in the past.