Sentence Examples

  • IDUMAEA ('160v saia), the Greek equivalent of Edom (aip), a territory which, in the works of the Biblical writers, is considered to lie S.E.
  • 65 we find them at Hebron, and this is one of the first indications that we discover of the cis-Jordanic Idumaea of Josephus and the Talmud.
  • Josephus used the name Idumaea as including not only Gobalitis, the original Mount Seir, but also Amalekitis, the land of Amalek, west of this, and Akrabatine, the ancient Acrabbim,, S.W.
  • I, he mentions two villages "in the very midst of Idumaea," named Betaris and.
  • Jerome describes Idumaea as extending from Beit Jibrin to Petra, and ascribes the great caves at the former place to cavedwellers like the aboriginal Horites.

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