Sentence Examples

  • Tomato Fest: A wealth of information and resources offering seeds from over 600 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, each hand-grown, tasted and indexed by owner Gary Ibsen.
  • These are English philosophy in the writings of Herbert Spencer, French realism in the practice and the preaching of Zola, Norwegian drama mainly through Ibsen, and Danish criticism in the essays and monographs of Georg Brandes.
  • Drama has rarely flourished in Sweden, but several of the poets mentioned above have written important plays, and, somewhat earlier, the socialistic problempieces of Anne Charlotte Edgren-Leffler, duchess of Cajanello (1849-1893), possessed considerable dramatic talent, working under a direct impulse from Ibsen; but her greatest gift was as a novelist.
  • His susceptibility to new ideas is illustrated in such pieces as Mariana (1892), Mancha que limpia (1895), El Hijo de Don Juan (1892), and El Loco Dios (1900) these indicate a close study of Ibsen, and El Loco Dios more especially might be taken for an unintentional parody of Ibsen's symbolism.
  • Here Henrik Ibsen, the dramatist, was born in 1828.