Sentence Examples

  • And game developers faced a bewildering array of possible development platforms, all competing without a clear leader: the Apple II, the IBM PC, the Timex-Sinclair, the Atari 400/800, the Tandy/Radio Shack TSR-80, and more.
  • And the platform shootout has been won by the computer architecture we now know as the PC - drop the IBM, toss in a little Microsoft monopoly, and ignore the generic nature of the term, thank you very much.
  • The program, called the "Gifts in Kind" program, is part of a 1992 IBM technology grant program that has already donated over 500 computers worth over a million dollars to area organizations.
  • This mathematical formula was developed by Hans Peter Luhn, an IBM scientist, and is used by financial institutions to generate the 15 and 16 digit card numbers used on legitimate cards.
  • Every year, IBM and the United Way of the Texas Gulf Coast provide area non-profit organizations with a gift of brand new computer technology, office furniture, and supplies at no cost.