Sentence Examples

  • I think it may have been the former, but a knowledge of iTunes suggests the latter.
  • MultiSnooze: Available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad via the iTunes App Store, this $0.99 app allows you to set the snooze time for anywhere between one and 20 minutes, plus has the ability to set thousands of different alarm events.
  • The internet also has the added bonus of purchasing digital music through music stores such as iTunes or Napster, services that allow you to download individual songs to play on your PC, burn onto CDs, or put on your digital music player.
  • While you might think of Podcasts as a great way to get news or to hear of new artists, there are plenty of classical music podcasts that you can stream or download from iTunes Music Store that'll keep you focused on the classics.
  • The "slim is in" mantra may have started with the uber popular RAZR from Motorola, but the even skinnier SLVR has taken the world by storm for its thin profile, vibrant color display, and -- best of all -- iTunes music support.