Sentence Examples

  • These newer processor run with a good (i3), better (i5) and best (i7) mentality.
  • I-series: This includes the i3, i5 and i7 Intel processors.
  • By I5, and rises almost symmetrically to a height of about 2000 ft., with only one break through which the river Shira flows.
  • Since 8, o, are the polar co-ordinates (in a horizontal plane) of a point on the axis of symmetry, relative to an initial line which revolves with constant angular velocity P/2A, we see by comparison with 14 (i5) (16) that the motion of such a point will be elliptic-harmonic superposed on a uniform rotation e/2A, provided v2 >4AMgh.
  • But the only hitherto apparent evidence of such defects is an excessive clinging to the letter of the law; a marked reluctance to exercise discretion; and that, perhaps, i5 attributable rather to the habit of obedience.