Sentence Examples

  • Around the hermit of Hyeres, Hugh of Digne, was formed a group of Franciscans who expected from the advent of the third age the triumph of their ascetic ideas.
  • This did not suit him, but from March 1883 to July 1884 he was at home at a charming house called La Solitude, above Hyeres; this was in many ways to be the happiest station in the painful and hurrying pilgrimage of Stevenson's life.
  • JEAN BAPTISTE MASSILLON (1663-1742), French bishop and preacher, was born at Hyeres on the 24th of June 1663, his father being a royal notary of that town.
  • He died at Hyeres on the 9th of February 1874.
  • Hyeres, a town in the department of the Var in S.E.

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