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  • NGAN' '-HUI (AN -HwEI or GAN-Hwuy), an eastern province of China, which, together with Kiang-su and Kiang-si, forms the vice-royalty of Kiang-nan.
  • The civilization and political organization of the country were dominated by the Chinese, but were also influenced to some extent by GraecoBactrian civilization, which had probably secured a footing in the country as early as the 3rd century B.C. Our information as to the history of this region from the 2nd century to the first half of the 7th is slight, and is derived chiefly from the Journeys of the Chinese pilgrims, Fa-hien in 399-415, Song-yun and Hwei-seng in 518-521, and Hstian-Tsang in 629-645.

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