Sentence Examples

  • The southern chain bears the names of Karaadzirga and Burkhan-ola, and terminates in about 99 0; but the northern range, the principal names of which are Artsi-bogdo and Saikhat, extends probably most of the way to the great northward bend of the Hwang-ho or Yellow River round the desert of Ordos.
  • The chief Asiatic rivers are the Amur, the Hwang-ho and the Yangtsze-kiang: none of which enters the open Pacific directly.
  • The name Shen-si, "west of the pass," refers to the Tungkwan pass, near the confluence of the Wei and the Hwang-ho.
  • To the north of the mountains lie the basins of the Wei-ho and of several other tributaries to the Hwang-ho.
  • Crossing the Hwang-ho, they advanced into the terrible sandy tract known as the Ordos Desert.

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