Sentence Examples

  • Whether Conan intended it or not, his segment has become one of the more popular parts of the show, and has returned for several segments, all of which are replayed on websites such as NBC or HULU.
  • Like YouTube, Hulu is a website in which viewers can stream hundreds of free contemporary films and documentaries without having to register on the website or download any content.
  • Be aware that sites like the above are cropping up regularly due to the popularity of Hulu, an internet site that streams recent episodes of new and popular television shows.
  • This site doesn't have nearly the same options that Hulu does, but it also doesn't ask you to pay a fee for the privilege of watching entire episodes.
  • Fans of documentaries will love Hulu because the site has many including Air Force One, which gives you an inside look at the President's aerial office.