Html-color-codes definition

Following is a sampling of HTML color codes used in HTML tags for setting background and font color. Colors are coded as red, green and blue intensities in hexadecimal notation (see hex chart).The first two characters represent the values 0 through 255 for red in hex; the middle two for green and the last two for blue (RRGGBB). For example, FF is equal to 255. Therefore, the purest white obtainable is the highest intensity of red, green and blue, which is FFFFFF (red=255, green=255 and blue=255). Black is the lack of all RGB (0000000).Sample Tag for White Background <body bgcolor="FFFFFF"> </body> Sample Tag for Black Font <font color="000000"> </font> Color HTML Color Code White FFFFFF Black 000000 R-G-B Red FF0000 Green 00FF00 Blue 0000FF C-M-Y-K Cyan 00FFFF Magenta FF00FF Yellow FFFF00 Black 000000 Light Shades Pink FFCC99 Light Green 90EE90 Light Blue 87CEFA Ivory FFFFF0 Khaki F0E68C Beige F5F5DC Medium Shades Gray 808080 Brown 8B4513 Orange FF9900 Silver C0C0C0 Gold FFD700 Dark Shades Dark Red 8B0000 Dark Green 006600 Dark Blue 0000CC Purple 800080