Sentence Examples

  • In fact, the text used by Wilhelm as the basis for his translation was the Kang Hsi, Palace Edition created in 1715, which is the translation commonly used throughout the Eastern world.
  • Possibly the oldest book in the world, legend tells how Fu Hsi inspired by the patterns on a tortoise shell began to observe and understand the patterns found in nature.
  • The I Ching, also known as the Book of Change, dates back approximately 5,000 years to the Yin Dynasty and Emperor Fu Hsi.
  • Fu Hsi then originated the I Ching, which came to him supernaturally as a vision.
  • Miyagawa soon began to cast about for a better inspiration, and found it in Adoption of the monochromes and polychromes of the Chinese Chinese Kang-hsi and Yung-cheng kilns.