Sentence Examples

  • If it's a small business, try emailing the owner -- just be careful not to trip the spam blocker; a brief note, preferably from a provider other than Yahoo, Hotmail and other free services, is good.
  • By clicking in the Find Friends tab, you can find your friends on Twitter by searching other services you use, like Windows Live, Hotmail, Instant Messenger, LinkedIn, Gmail, and Yahoo.
  • You also get extras, like videos from CNN, YouTube, and ESPN, plus the ability to check your email whether you have an account with Hotmail, Yahoo, or another similar service.
  • With so many other online email services available, such as Yahoo and Hotmail, Google set out to design an email program that offered more than its competitors.
  • Before beginning the online job search, teens should create a free e-mail address, using a service such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo!