Sentence Examples

  • In the interior of the church are some beautiful stained glass windows, both ancient and modern, the tombstones of several of the dukes of Zahringen, statues of archbishops of Freiburg, and paintings by Holbein and by Hans Baldung (c. 1 47 0 - 1 545), commonly called Griin.
  • Nevertheless her picture, painted by Holbein by the king's command (now in the Louvre, a modern copy at Windsor), pleased Henry and the marriage was arranged, the treaty being signed on the 24th of September 1539.
  • Sculpture was represented in London for a brief space by Torrigiani; painting by Holbein and Antonio More; music by Italians and Frenchmen of the Chapel Royal.
  • There is also a special room for the "Madonna" of the younger Holbein.
  • From the school at Rottweil, on the Neckar, he went (1510) to the university of Basel, and became a good classic. From 1514 he obtained schoolmaster posts at Basel, where he married, and made the acquaintance of Erasmus and of Holbein, the painter.